EBay Listing Design


Listing Design

The first impression about your eBay store is linked to the product listing template you have put on your site. The more attractive and credible the template looks, the more the customer’s decision is in favor of buying from your store. Consequently, the more professionally designed and structured an eBay listing template is, the more credibility it lends to your online business. With a skilled team of designers we will work with your ideas about your business requirements to create and deliver a design and layout that most appropriately represents your business. Additionally, we will integrate cross-promotional banners, as and when required, to enable customers to land on your eBay Store homepage rather than to a common eBay search box once they have finished screening your ad listings.

Mobile Responsive Designs - Now Available

Why Choose Us

  • ● eBay 2018 policy compliant!
  • ● 100% custom eBay store design & listing template
  • ● Intuitive navigation with dynamic categories
  • ● Mobile and tablet optimised eBay templates to increase your mobile sales
  • ● Improved buyer shopping experience
  • ● Traffic and sales proved to increase by up to 30%