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Amazon Brand

Store Design

Optimize Your Amazon Brand Store for Maximum Profitability is dominating the ecommerce industry. It is the leading online retailer in the country, with almost $136 billion in 2016 salesand more than 240 million active customers. Imagine placing your product in front of millions of your target consumers using an online shop in the country’s biggest ecommerce store. Now you can, thanks to Amazon Stores. Creating an Amazon Brand Store is just step No.1. For real profitability, you store needs professional design help and optimization. That’s where we come in. Amazon Brand Stores lets Amazon sellers customize their shops – unlike its predecessor Amazon Brand Pages. You have the freedom to create your store from top to bottom. If you really want to shine, you need to take full advantage of design flexibility. You need optimization. Here are how EcommerceKey achieves this:

As see in the example below, each Amazon Store can have 3 levels with multiple pages at each level: